Light Em' Up

A Cause and Effect Game by Circuit CitEE


Background and Motivation

ADEC Inc is a local organization in South Bend whose mission is to help community members open their hearts,minds and doors by providing opportunities and inclusion for those they serve. By enhancing the lives of people with disabilities, ADEC enriches our communities through the diversity that comes from inclusion. ADEC serves people of all ages who experience developmental disabilities and delays, as well as other specials needs such as visual and physical impairments. From infants to senior citizens, ADEC Inc can provide direct services; information or referrals to help individuals and families meet the challenges of living with disabilities. In our research, we learned that some of the clients ADEC serves cannot fully grasp the relationship between cause and effect.

Our goal was to develop to a game using simple technologies to help ADEC’s clients understand the principle of cause and effect.

Our Game


Easy to understand


Keeps the player moving


Visually captivates the player


Will keep you coming back

Inspired by Whack-a-mole, but very different

Whack-a-mole Light Em Up
moles arcade buttons
mole comes out arcade button lights up
mole hides arcade button turn off
player uses hammer player uses hands

Technology of Light Em Up



Light Em Up Board

Dimensions: 50cm x 38cm x 8cm


Title Links
High Level Design HighLevelDesign.pdf
Project Proposal SeniorDesignProjectProposal-CircuitCitEE.pdf
Project Proposal Presentation SeniorDesignProposalPresentation.pdf
Project Report FinalReport.pdf