Bringing blood glucose monitoring
to the 21st century!

Diabetics need to monitor their blood sugar on a regular basis, but managing diabetes is challenging and requires constant attention. Diabetics have to remember to bring their blood glucose monitoring kit (monitor, test strips, lancing device, alcohol cleaning pads, and recording method). Traditional methods are ineffective and inconvenient to carry. The day in the life of a diabetic is already difficult. We seek to free up the worry with our blood glucose monitoring system, which will be compact, connected, mobile, and easy to use.

Introducing the Team

  • Michael Williams
  • Matthew Henne
  • Christopher Homa
  • Sofyan Saputra
  • Ishmael Amegashie


All significant documentation associated with the Glucometer project

Project Proposal

Detailed description of the problem we are trying to solve and how we are planning on solving that problem.

Proposal Presentation

Presentation of the proposal to the left. Delivered in Fall of 2014 in the EE Senior Design 1.

High Level Design Document

An overview of the Glucometer system, identifying all of the critical elements and design decisions.

Complete Final Documentation

A document detailing all of our work. Refer to the repository for additional reference and code files

File & Code Repository

Locate code packages and additional reference files below
Glucometer Android Application Put the .apk file on your Android phone in order to run the application glucometer.apk
Glucometer's Android Code Zip file containing the Android code for the glucometer application
Glucometer's Bluetooth Code Zip file containing the Bluetooth code for the glucometer
Microcontroller Code Zip file containing microcontroller code
All Board Files Zip file containing board house, board pictures, eagle files, ordersheets, and made libraries
Data Sheets Zip file containing data sheets for reference: nRF8001, JTI Antenna, EEPROM, SSD, Microcontroller, etc.
CAD Files Zip file containing all CAD files

CAD Specifications

Agendas and Meeting Minutes

Below are our Agendas and Meeting Minutes
Agendas Minutes
Jan 23 - Agenda Jan 23 - Minutes
Jan 30 - Agenda Jan 30 - Minutes
Feb 6 - Agenda Feb 6 - Minutes
Feb 13 - Agenda Feb 13 - Minutes
Feb 20 - Agenda Feb 20 - Minutes
Feb 24 - Agenda Feb 24 - Minutes
Mar 3 - Agenda Mar 3 - Minutes
Mar 20 - Agenda Mar 20 - Minutes
Mar 26 - Agenda Mar 26 - Minutes
April 2 - Agenda April 2 - Minutes
April 10 - Agenda April 10 - Minutes
April 17 - Agenda April 17 - Minutes
April 23 - Agenda April 23 - Minutes

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