Wireless Power Monitor

A Senior Design Project at the University of Notre Dame
Created by the Electric Brain Surgeons

The Problem

Smart grid networks are considered the wave of the future due to their reliability. But there are still some challenges that tend to impede their widespread adoption. To help with the challenges faced with implementing a smart grid, our project's purpose was to develop a device that measures voltage, current, power and power factor at a node in a smart grid network and send this information by wireless transfer. This will enhance the process of pinpointing exactly where improvements in the network need to be made and making the transition to a smart grid system smoother.

El Equipo

From left to right:

Steven Waller: Doing big things in Sweden.

Andre Bermudez-Perez: Rico-suave starting his own company and then building an empire.

Jose Perrone: Taking his talents to San Jose, CA and gonna have a bro-date with Elon Musk.

Joshua Sy: Once saved a fish from drowning.

Jean-Pierre Vertil: Haitian Sensation, interested in doing big things in Energy Management.