This section will detail some of the triumphs that the group experiences throughout the course of the year.

Top Stories

  • Team Presents Project to EE Faculty
    On Thursday, April 30, the team presented their project to the EE Faculty.
    Picture of Hybrid's Angels
  • Disassembly Begins
    Hybrid's Angels began disassembling the control and charging circuitry built by the Lightning Riders.Old Control and Charging Circuitry built by the Lightning Riders 
  • Presentation to Senator Lugar
    Steve Govea, Jean Whitney, and Jeff Wolanin met with Senator Lugar to brief him on the series hybrid electrical vehicle project.
    Team Rubs elbows with Senator Lugar
  • Gigot Center Ideas Challenge - October 15, 2008
    Elevator Pitch Competition
    Jean Whitney, representing the Hybrid's Angels, won third place in the elevator pitch competition netting the group an additional $250 in spending money.  Additionally, the group placed third in the written portion of the Ideas Challenge, which won the group $125.  These winnings will be added to the project budget.