Welcome to House Rules

This site is devoted to our Electrical Engineering Senior Design Project here at the University of Notre Dame. This site is intended to be a document repository as well as information source for outside individuals. Feel free to browse and contact us for answers to any and all questions.

Why We're Here

As mentioned above, we are four seniors here at Notre Dame graduating in May 2011 in Electrical Engineering. This project is a fulfillment of the department's senior capstone project and year long design requirement. Our project was to design and construct an automatic beverage pong table that is non-permanent, robust, and upgradable. We succeeded in meeting our goals except due to budget constraints we were only able to complete half of the table this school year.

More To Come

We intend on continuing the project after the school year to make further construction/technical upgrades. Check back this summer for progress updates!

Team House Rules

Thanks to Bryant Smith for the template