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Barenaked Lasers

Thanks for checking out our project. Please see below to find more information, or check out the links to the left.

Our Project

We are creating a 'Laser Harp'. Listed below are just some of the features.

  • BITMAN Assured High Quality Sound
  • Play up to 8 different notes
  • Sleek looking design with Green Lasers
  • All parts are BITMAN approved
  • Change instruments and volume on the fly
  • Easy to carry design

Latest Updates

9 MAY 2013

Check our our final document


Check out the rest of our documentation

3 MAY 2013

Demo for the project was today. Everything went better than expected!

29 APR 2013

Project due at the end of the week. Its crunch time baby.

15 APR 2013

Website up and running. Updates will be published as they are made.

13 APR 2013

Getting final approval on the board design. Almost ready to order after a few more changes are made.