Team Telekinesis

MINDARMTHING: Cognitive Therapy System

Cognitive therapy has always been administered by a specialized doctor to those who have suffered from a stroke or for those who struggle with ADD. This therapy is found to be very useful in a patient's recovery but limited by the amount of time a doctor can allocate to a patient. Patients may only get an hour a week of therapy even though they would benefit with more therapy time.

Thus, we are proposing a Cognitive Therapy System(CTS) that incorporates a consumer-affordable EEG and series of add-ons such as a robotic arm and an led array.  The headset will read signals directly from the user, sends those signals to a computer to be processed, and pass the correct commands to a microcontroller, which will control the robotic arm or LED arrays.

Our non-invasive system can be used in conjunction with current therapy methods to increase the amount of therapy given to patients and monitor their progress