Team Telekinesis

Andrew Fons

Project Responsibilities: Documentation, computer-side code

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Future Plans: JOB. FIND ONE.

Adrian Moreno

Project Responsibilities: Main board design, board debugging, soldering, LED board design

Hometown: El Paso, TX

Future Plans: Test Engineer, Texas Instruments

Adebayo Omoyeni

Project Responsibilities: Documentation, poster design, I2C research

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Future Plans: University of Texas at Austin Graduate Program

Brian Rockwell

Project Responsibilities: Computer-side code, aquisitions, LED & motor driver code

Hometown: Fort Mill, SC

Future Plans: Program Manager, Microsoft

James Simonse

Project Responsibilities: LED board design, board debugging, microcontroller code (UART), I2C

Hometown: Edina, MN

Future Plans: 5th year at Notre Dame to finish EE & Chinese degrees